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How we cool
'Tropical Mist Systems', work on the principles of Flash Evaporative Cooling. Ordinary Tap water is double filtered, pressurized to 70 BAR/1000PSI and forced through patented nozzles to create an ultra fine 10-micron (about 1/10th of the size of a human hair) fog.
The ultra fine fog flash evaporates upon contact with heat in the surrounding area, effectively removing unwanted heat and reducing ambient temperature by as much as 10 degrees celcius.

Environmentally Conscious
Our systems work on tap water and household current and there is no harm done to the environment.
What about high humidity
While low humidity provides the best environment for flash evaporation, areas with high humidity can also be cooled effectively using a very fine mist and fans to keep the air moving. In general cooling can and will occur anywhere above the dew point.

'The Cooling Effect'
Will I get wet?
Not unless you are standing within 1 meter of the nozzle. The mist evaporates quickly as it cools the air, however you are being cooled from up to 30 meters away with our systems.

'Cool Fans'

Where can we cool
Leisure and recreational Area's Outdoor Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Shopping Centre's, Outdoor Malls, Race Courses, Golf Ranges, Zoo's, Patio's, Poolsides.
Industry - Spot Cooling workers in foundries and other industries where equipment generates immense heat, Press cooling, Poultry and Livestock, Greenhouses.
Public Area's - Bus Terminals, Bus Stops, Walkways, Ticketing Area's, School Halls, Waiting Area's.
Events - Product and Premises launches, Conventions, Sports meets, Concerts, Company Family days, Corporate Functions, Private Parties, Weddings. Any other area/event which requires cooling relief. Contact us for details.

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