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TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS is the first Thai Company to offer a unique outdoor cooling solution. The immediate beneficiary of our practical cooling systems is the growing cafe society...innumerable pubs, cafes and restaurants taking their business outdoors.

Areas that were once hot and stifling (and non-revenue generating) are instantly transformed into cool and comfortable locations through the TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS. Our equipment incorporates US technology adaptive for local application, tailored for the tropical climate with relative high humidity.

Dedication to Excellence - The employees of TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS are committed to providing the finest products available. Our commitment to continuous improvement assures the buyer of our products that we are the industry leader in product quality and customer satisfaction.

TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS, Cool Fans, or Tropical Mist Lines continue to keep our clients and their customers cool and comfortable in the tropical heat. Contact us today and we'll offer you a solution customised to meet your particular need.


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