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Cool Fans
Fogging Fans offer active cooling and are positioned directly at the intended cooling area. Fogging Fans provide enhanced performance compared to fogging lines as the high velocity air increases the evaporation, which in turn improves the cooling effect. Fogging Fans can be mounted on walls or on, columns, they can also be in the form of mobile pedestal units.



Mobile Mist Monster
The 'Mist Monster' is a 92cm/36" Mobile Cool Fan capable of moving 368m3 of air per minute. The Monster is designed to cool large areas with a high volume of people such as outdoor Rock Concerts, Skate Parks, Sporting Events and the Movie Industry.

Tropical Mist-Lines
Fogging Line systems offer passive cooling and are designed to create a curtain of cool air around a specified area. The concept is to fit out the perimeter of the intended area with fogging lines, cooling will occur as a result of Flash Evaporation. The 'curtain' also acts as a thermal barrier to prevent heat from entering, whilst maintaining the cool air within the encircled area.

The Mist Monster
Special Effects
Special effect systems are used to create a smoky and mysterious ambience with the use of pure water. Such systems offer minimal cooling but can create stunning visual effects. Such effects can be applied in Theme Parks to enhance the rides and attractions. Special effects can also be used around landscaping of public and private property. Waterfalls, Fountains and Rock Gardens can have a floating mist to visually improve the surroundings. The use of Light play with different colours can add to the spectacular effects at night.
High Pressure Pumps
Tropical Mists Systems' High pressure Pumps come in various sizes from 20 nozzle to 100 nozzle capacity.
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Mobile Cool fans are also available for rental. They are the perfect solution for outdoor events such as product launches, weddings, opening ceremonies, corporate functions, private functions and exhibitions.

Custom Design
Apart from our standard products, we are able to offer custom solutions to your cooling needs.
Consult with one of our technicians today and we will be able to offer you a custom built system that will not only keep you cool but also blend in aesthetically with your theme or corporate identity.
Customer Service and Maintenance
TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS has a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for all of our customers, which is undertaken by skilled, qualified and experienced technicians.
Operating cost
TROPICAL MIST SYSTEMS are ultra-efficient and operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional air conditioning systems.

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